Transportation by Road

Transportation by Road

Group of Transport Companies LTD «Way-Group» provides ROAD transportation service on domestic and import/export directions offering full set off required operations and documentation proceeding. 

Our services are:

- Intercity transportation by road through whole Russian territory;

- International transportation by road: East and Central Europe, CIS, the Baltics, China;

- DOOR delivery in all cities of presence;

- Cargo forwarding and insurance;

- Custom and transport documentation proceeding;

- Groupage cargo transportation.

We are better because:

- We have own trucks in all cities of presence;

- We provide on-time service;

- We use ONLINE monitoring systems on every step of transportation;

- Our specialists are ready to answer all your questions, explain all details and help you with all aspects of transportation process.

We are oriented on long-term cooperation and would be glad to see you and your company in a number of our Client.