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History of Growth

Group of Transport Companies LTD «Way-Group» has been working in market since 2001.

Let`s dive into the history of growth of our company…

10th of April, 2001, Krasnoyarsk – Company Birthday. First direction of work was container transportation only in Krasnoyarsk region.

March – May, 2002  – were signed agreements with big shipping lines and see freight companies  such as Dongnama Shipping Co,  FESCO, MKL.We increased amount of operated containers and platforms. Multimodal international transportation had begun.

2002-2003 years – LTD «Way-Group» was focused on container shipment. That time fast development of company started. First big contracts with regional and federal clients were signed. Cargoes flow was bigger and bigger, number of clients and staffs were constantly increasing.

June, 2003  one of the hugest and meaningful company project of that time.

For RUSAL (Krasnoyarsk Aluminum Plant) was organized process of all-equipment-and-techniques- transportation from Krasnoyarsk to Samara, which includes out-of-gauge transportation. 

July-September, 2003 – were signed several big contracts  for export service via port Vostochniy (Nakhodka). Understanding customer needs coupled with professional management let our company in a short way became one of the leader in Krasnoyarsk in field of international multimodal transportation. 

September, 2003 – first branch of LTD «Way-Group» was opened in Irkutsk. Specialization: container transportation.

May, 2004 – another onebranch of LTD «Way-Group» was opened in Bratsk

October, 2004 – service package extension. New service was wagon and on-platform transportation that was actively developed by Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk branches.

2004 year – big leap for our company.  «Way-Group» increased volume of cargo transportation and numbers of stuff up to 25.

Marh, 2005 – new direction of service was opened – out-of-gauge cargoes and heavy load cargoes transportation. Were transported first parties which include import and export transportation via Zabaikalskstation.

April – October, 2005 – huge project included out-of-gauge cargoes transportation for industrial plants of Siberian region. Equipment and machines exported using open-wagons and platforms via Zabaikalsk station.

June, 2006 – representative in Abakan was opened. (based on Krasnoyarsk branch)

January, 2008 – LTD «Way-Group» was restructured: was made one Asset Management Company as legal-body and network of branches in different cities. From that time in Krasnoyarsk had been working separately Krasnoyarsk Branch and Asset Management Company. The main idea of Asset Management Company creation was control and development of commercial and finance activities, management centralization

July, 2008 – another onebranch of LTD «Way-Group» was opened in Novokuzneck. Specialization: container and wagon transportation. Contracts with big iron-and-steel companies of Kemerovo region were signed.

September, 2008 – Krasnoyarsk branch of LTD «Way-Group» became leader in Krasnoyarsk transport market in 2007-2008. (based on analytic department of print house «DelovoyKvartal» ). From that time Krasnoyarsk branch every year prove that leader status.

November, 2008 – company rebranding. In a transport market new brand Way-Group was appeared. Name and logo of company reflects our mission as effective logistic routes building. New brand Way-Group combines group of values such as careness to every client, quality of service, mobility and professional competence of stuff. Innovation, technological development, wide assortment of directions – all that officially became a priority for our company. Warm red-orange combined with cold dark-blue and modern graphics of new logo clearly demonstrate that LTD «Way-Group» is ready for active actions in modern economic conditions.

February – November, 2009 – different prospective project were implemented by huge regional company. LTD «Way-Group» took part in it as main transport agent. That was a project concerning transportation of metal and steel in containers, stone coal in wagons and out-of-gauge cargoes transportation as well.

February, 2010 – another onebranch of LTD «Way-Group» was opened in Moscow. Part of Management Company was moved to Moscow for strategic aims.

January, 2011 – new direction for company development was created. Transportation by Road (Motor Freight Transportation) was started as one of service for Bratsk, Irkutsk and Novokuzneck branches.

May, 2011 – another onebranch of LTD «Way-Group» was opened in Chita.

September, 2011 – another onebranch of LTD «Way-Group» was opened in Nakhodka (port Vostochniy).

February, 2014 – another onebranch of LTD «Way-Group» was opened in Ulan-Ude.

August, 2014 – another onebranch of LTD «Way-Group» was opened in Blagoveschensk.

February, 2015 – another onebranch of LTD «Way-Group» was opened inVladivostok.

December, 2015 – another onebranch of LTD «Way-Group» was opened in Nerungri (Yakutia).


Leader in transport field: domination in a market of transport services of Russia (containers, wagons, motor freight); good business reputation, positive recommendation from clients, partners. One of the goal is to become well-known company inside and outside of Russian; become one of the biggest transport companies in Russia with branch network includes 20 offices by 2020 year. Another goal is widen service assortment to become a logistic supermarket «Way-Group» in «one hand».